Table Games

warrior foosball tableAnother way to add fun to parties are table games!

These table games range anywhere from ping pong table to air hockey tables. These games add so much fun to parties and give so much competition that you probably won’t get out of producing a play off type series.

Who can play these games?

These table games are really great for all ages though would probably be most popular for 12 and up. The hand eye coordination required for these types of table games are very stimulating but also may be pretty intense for those younger participates.

Finding the best table games.

The issue comes when you are trying to find the best table games. You would hate to spend any money on something that wasn’t going to hold up in years to come. And it’s no secret that table games aren’t cheap. So if you are going to  spend a large amount of money on something, you want to make sure that it is going to last a long time.

Table Game Reviews

There are several great websites out there including this one, click here to view. These sites offer informed information on the best table games to make sure you are getting the deal for your money.

Don’t be fooled though, you don’t have to have a party in order to enjoy these table games. These table games are also great for just 2 players using the time to cool off from a long day of school or work. The release that these games give to have fun is nothing short of therapeutic.

These table games are a great addition to any household and will most likely make your home the cool hang out if you have one. But be prepared that you better have some food and beverages available for all these good times that are about to be had!

Minute to Win It Games

Minute to Win It games are the new rage in most parties these days. These games are short (one minute) games that are simple and quick. They are easy to play and almost anyone can play them.

Who can play?

The thing that makes them popular is the fact that anyone can play them. So you can have grandpa on one team and little brother on the other team for a great game of competition. It is so enjoyable to watch the entire family to play and have a great time together.

So what games are these?

These games, like mentioned, are only a minute long and involve very little thought. They can be as simple as just emptying a box off tissues the fastest. Or only being able to use a straw to move skittles from one plate to the next.

How do you find how to play these games?

The internet is a great invention! Just google and you will find the best Minute to Win It games that others have played and had a great time!

Pinterest also has a ton of great ideas for the best Minute to Win It games. Click Here to see some of the best!

Where do you play them?

These games are great to be played in a family room at a family reunion or holiday get together. These can also be played in large groups like at school or church. Some games are probably better to play at certain places, but overall all these games are great played anywhere.

If you are still unsure about how to play them or if they would be a good addition to your party, go ahead and watch this video. I doubt you’ll be able to withstand the urge to play along!

Board Games

There are a lot of fun board games out there these days. Yet there are some classics that one must have in their home. But the trick to any type of board game definitely comes down to the company you keep. That is the best part of playing board games. For sure.

A couple of the newer games include the following:

61GD9Nh6hyL._AA160_Logo Game- This game involves anything that has to do with companies and the products we buy. It is a really fun game especially if you obtain a lot of useless knowledge about random stuff. This could be anything from the type of formula Betty Crocker uses to a popular XBox Games.

Ultimate Movie Board Game- I love movie games, but unfortunately they tend to go out of date a lot quicker. But for here and now, this is an excellent game. If you are a bit movie watcher like me, this is a fun game for you.

Cards Against Humanity- Honestly, I haven’t played this game yet, but I’ve heard it’s hilarious. I’ve also heard that this is not a game you want to be playing with your grandmother, unless your grandmother is pretty cool 😉

Exploding Kittens– This is another new game that hit the holiday season this year. It comes in 2 different, family friendly and explicit. Make sure you get the right one as to not undergo any awkward conversations.

indexPie Face– I can’t tell you how many people got this game this year. And it is hilarious. I love seeing the videos of all the people playing it. It’s an easy game but the outcome is one that people enjoy over and over again.



There are so many other game out there; classics like LIFE, Monopoly, Trouble, Connect4, Battleship, and so many others. The important this is that you are spending time with family in a fun and healthy way. This moments are ones that you will cherish for a lifetime. And these games give you the opportunity to do that.

Fun Party Games

Finding the best party games shouldn’t be hard! And here on our blog we make it easy for you!
There are so many great games out there, including the hot and awesome minute to win it games. If you haven’t played any of those kind of games you are definitely missing out! We will definitely give you a lot of options when it comes to those kinds of games.

Board games are coming back with a vengeance. There are so many great board games out these days. In fact, I just picked one up the other day. We already had a blast playing it.

Finally, we have table games. Those include, air hockey tables, foosball tables, ping pong tables, etc. These are great for many ages and last for many years to come. We will send you to the best recommendations out there.

Keep checking back to see what is new!